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IIS 10 is slower than IIS 8.5? - Mushu - 05-08-2018 02:47 AM

So I pretty agressively optimized under IIS 8.5 (Server 2012R2) and was averaging 1.3 second load times. These are all VM's. We upgraded to Server 2016 and now under IIS 10.0 it seems to be averaging 2.0 second load times. Since I administer the server I know there were no config changes that are different than how it was previously. I'd sure like to get my speed index under 1000. I do notice the parallel pipelining that the new IIS uses, where before I would only get about 5 or 6 parallel downloads, now it just opens the pipe and everything comes crashing through. Going to install Brotli soon...


Any thoughts?