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Add headers for NGENIX CDN - elcanner - 05-23-2019 06:56 PM

We have found that NGENIX CDN is not detecting for some files that was downloaded from CDN.
Use a CDN for all static assets: 32/100
FAILED - https://static1.car.ru/js_min/5b3a8e955aa958f111b55c6560ab4447_firebase_subscribe_v2.js
FAILED - https://static1.car.ru/img/external-icon.png
FAILED - https://static1.car.ru/i2/left-arr-picture.png
FAILED - https://static1.car.ru/i2/right-arr-picture.png
FAILED - https://static1.car.ru/c_min/678eb49e32eb5cadaea0d6571f0db351_pictures.css
~ dig static1.car.ru
static1.car.ru.        29    IN    A
static1.car.ru.        29    IN    A

~ whois
descr:          Network for NGENIX

~ dig static1.car.ru NS
car.ru.            299    IN    SOA    ns1.ngenix-dns.net

I think it's because of lack NGENIX headers in "cdn_headers" list in optimization_checks.py


NGENIX CDN can be detected with "x-ngenix-cache" header.

~ curl -v -o /dev/null https://static1.car.ru/img/external-icon.png
< x-ngenix-cache: HIT

Can you please add this header ?

RE: Add headers for NGENIX CDN - pmeenan - 05-24-2019 03:28 AM

Should be fixed now: https://www.webpagetest.org/result/190523_NK_34d5423a0ef14f73e21dd9ecb3b43d36/