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Speed index not coherent - ybri - 07-30-2019 02:16 AM

Hi everyone,

I started to use WebPageTest on a professional project few months ago and I discovered that the speed index was not coherent.

The timeline is:
0%, 0s: Page with a big table taking all the screen
98%, 0.5s: Page with only a small loader
98%, 3.5s: Page with only a small loader
100%, 4.1s: Page with a big table taking all the screen

I do not understand with the changes with the small loader is creating a huge difference between 0 and 0.5s and almost no difference between 3.5 and 4.1s.

The visually complete is 4.1s.
Sadly I cannot show my timeline that is confidential to give you more information.

I hope that you can help me,
Thank you in advance

RE: Speed index not coherent - pmeenan - 07-30-2019 11:23 PM

Did the background color on the page change when the loader displayed (even slightly)? My bet is that the site uses a background color other than white and it is getting credit for most of the pixels changing to the correct background color when the spinner loaded.