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RE: Suggestions for Speeding up My Site - piratos - 05-19-2011 06:47 PM

Oh yes you can ask what you want, absolutly no problem, but special questions to wp the wp community can give the best answers.
I'm not a WP specialist, but i can give ideas, because i have realized it with other cms.

I have found a test with a bundle of wp cache plugins.
May be there is something for you:


Check your Site with Google Chrome -> Tools, you can see details of content that makes your site slow.

RE: Suggestions for Speeding up My Site - pmeenan - 05-19-2011 08:54 PM

FWIW, the Chrome developer tools will basicaly get you the same information you see here (particularly the waterfall). Knowing that you're on shared hosting helps because it lets us know what options you have.

The Facebook like box slows the page load time down but that's just a metric, not necessarily the user experience. I will be offline for the next few hours but when I get back online I'll try capturing some video and trying things out.

If it's at al possible with the template, moving the javascript on the page to the bottom of the document (I think W3TC can automate this for you) will help the user experience - you just need to check and make sure it doesn't actually break the page.