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Urgent help needed. High times for CDN access..
06-15-2012, 11:02 PM
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RE: Urgent help needed. High times for CDN access..
The WebPagetest test agents only run one test at a time and are not shared at test time. I can 100% guarantee you that the long times are because you're trying to send close to 2MB of images to the user and the connection is a 1.5Mbps DSL line.

1.5Mbps is good for ~170KB/s at the theoretical max (which is usually only hit for really long file downloads, hardly ever for web because of things like slow start and the size of HTTP responses).

The theoretical limit on how fast you could deliver the 2.2MB over that connection is ~198 is around 12 seconds so your 14 second load time is surprisingly close (particularly with a 1-second TTFB in which time no data is transferred).

The page is completely bandwidth constrained and there are only 2 ways to make it faster:

1 - Reduce the TTFB. At most you have 1 second of leeway there but that would benefit everybody, regardless of their connection

2 - Reduce the size of the page:

- You can save 30-40% of the weight of the page just by compressing the photos better and not changing anything else with the site and that would make the times 30-40% better at the speeds tested.

- You could also keep the photos the way they are and change how the page loads. Instead of loading all of the photos for the carousel you could just load the first one as part of the initial load and then use the javascript carousel code to load the additional images as part of the carousel logic but the logic would have to account for only rotating the carousel if the image finished loading.

Optimally you'd do both.
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