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How can I make my website Faster ?
08-16-2013, 07:39 AM
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RE: How can I make my website Faster ?
(08-15-2013 10:33 PM)pmeenan Wrote:  It is part of the new PageSpeed recommendations that are geared around a fast mobile experience. With mobile the round trip times are sufficiently long that in order to deliver a fast above-the-fold rendering you should do it without referring to any external resources.

Their recommendation is to inline the critical css that you need for the above-the-fold and load the rest of the css later so that content can be displayed quickly. In your case it's actually even more painful because the css is on a different domain so 2 extra round trips are needed (dns lookup and socket connection) though it's cacheable so additional navigations will be faster.

Given how small your css is you could potentially just inline the whole thing (in your template where you normally have the link tag to include the css you could just use php's include function to load the content directly into the response).
Thank you , as always your guides are great...

Great idea but my problem is the theme structure that I am using (Genesis Framework + Prose Child theme) . unfortunately this theme is different in serving stylesheet files. It serves it insert CSS files into the header from a php file because this theme has too many configurable options for CSS in admin area and it will make it so hard for me to do the changes after each update.

But to be honest its a fast theme and I am really happy with it but I wish I was able to be able to insert CSS codes directly into the header.

Anyways thank you very much Patrick, you and your great website are really helpful to all of us.

All the best,
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