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[Solved] Sometimes Long Time to First Byte Time for the first request
11-21-2013, 09:14 AM
Post: #19
RE: Sometimes Long Time to First Byte Time for the first request
You have a very slow server and Word Press is a very inefficient page generator.

I checked your server to server transmission time and it is a very slow at 30-40 KBytes/sec.

If you are on a shared server large variations are normal. Especially during busy times of the day like early evening. You may get more consistent results at 3:00am. It's not just the server speed. It can be the Service Provides infrastructure. Too much traffic on the local network.

Your DNS resolution is very fast so that's not an issue.

Your HTML (Request #1) is very fast for a Word Press page. I have to assume the CPU has plenty of capacity. And your caching plug-in is working well at that point in time. Word Press is not the issue and a CPU processing bottleneck is unlikely.

Now I see the problem.

Where it becomes evident that it is a data server issue is when you look at request #24 & #25 on your results in your first post. I presume there was something going on with the server at that point in time. Request #24 has a 1.8 sec. TTFB which on an image file is an abominably. It is either the CPU is is highly being over utilized by another process or more likely the data bus from the Hard Drive is blocked. The connection time is 39mS and followed by the 1.8 sec wait. Only those two images have long TTFB issues. It is not file size dependent either. Request #25 is a 300 Byte file with a 925mS TTFB. So there must have been something going on on the server at that point in time and similarly to a lesser degree around the time of request #7 with a 727mS TTFB. Most request have typically a 70 mS TTFB.

My best guess, without knowing how many sites are hosted on the server and if there is a local drive or if it's using Network Attached Storage, that there is an intermittent data access issue. All indicators point to a data access delay. I just do not know the cause.
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