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Scripting to trap page requests
01-14-2014, 01:35 AM
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RE: Scripting to trap page requests

I am using IE9, so it should work.

I also realised the script wasnt copied in properly as I am using this:
logData 0

// log in
setValue name=AuthenticationUserName myuser
setValue name=AuthenticationPassword mypassword

logData 1
clickAndWait name=AuthenticationLoginButton

I changed to use setDOMElement to look for a class name of the widget that usually takes the longest to load, but I have a problem - there is a transparent layer over the widgets which is removed when you close a message box. The problem is that the message box can be closed even while the widget is still loading. I tried closing the message box in the script, so I could use the SetDOMElement command, but this just made the test think that the screen had loaded when I closed the message box, so I still get incorrect page load times.

The alternative is me was to work off of the page requests. WPT knows what requests are being made as it shows me them in the results, so I figured it would be better to flag that a page is deemed as loaded when the specific request has completed. It sounds so simple to type it, yet seems very difficult to achieve!
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