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How to leverage browser cache for video files
06-19-2014, 11:24 PM
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RE: How to leverage browser cache for video files
(06-19-2014 10:43 PM)pmeenan Wrote:  There are different caches (server and browser) which is why the WP Fastest Cache author said it doesn't need caching - the plugin does server-side caching to make serving the pages faster, it doesn't deal with expires times and the browser cache.

Your .htaccess route is the correct way to go.

Now that that is out of the for a page background? It might look cool but that can't possibly be a good idea for the user experience. Assuming you are running it in a loop and have content over it the browser is going to have to do a crapton of work for every video frame and you'll be burning your users batteries pretty hard while they're sitting on your page.

Thank you very much pmeenan for your such a prompt reply. At least I got some answers from somewhere. Thanks for this. Also, pleased my code in the .htaccess file in the sub-domain is the correct one.

As for other concern, I really appreciate what you have said. Mine is a bit different case.

Visit this URL and I hope you'd better understand my intention. This homepage is just a landing page/welcome page with very little info. Now I have put a js code there so that it auto redirects to another page after 6 seconds. In this case, I hope the user won't be on that page with the video background for long. Instead, they will be taken to more standard homepage which has not video at all anywhere.

Makes sense? Would love to take your experts feedback on this.

Thanks once again for your time and support.
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