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Please help me with my time to first byte
07-11-2014, 02:11 PM
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RE: Please help me with my time to first byte
(07-05-2014 02:06 PM)GreenGecko Wrote:  Anton, use your eyes for once. The site you're looking at is obviously nothing like the original link.

If nothing else, the title

Hacked by people_hurt

and the headers

<meta content="Hacked by people_hurt name=" description'="">
<meta content="Hacked By people_hurt," name="keywords">

really are a bit of a giveaway.
I never visited the site itself, I only ran the test using IE 10 out of Dulles and this is what that particular browser apparently redirected to. P Meenan might need to have a look at that browser and that computer.
Quote:Anton's repeated comments about fat sites completely ignore the fact that the TTFB is unaffected by the rest of the content
Quote:+1 - the overall size and TTFB have nothing to do with each other (there may be correlation in aggregate but not causation).
Guys - time and time again I have optimized sites that were fat, and after greatly reducing the footprint the TTFB ALWAYS improves. I don't pretend to explain it, or try to - I simply know it happens, every time.

Reducing the footprint should be step 1 of optimizing a fat site.

Quote: The Daily Mail is one of my favorite examples where it's a HUGE site (9+ MB) but it's actually VERY fast considering
You are holding up for example, a really fat site that isn't even fully optimized, that is SLOW loading as hell, 23 seconds on your IE test, which also shows 11+MB in IE - as a real world example of what hobbyists and small sites might do? You KNOW the Daily Mail has massive hosting normal people aren't going to have. Most of the people who come here for help are on cheap shared hosting Pal. You're holding up a monster machine saying "look here guys the TTFB is good on this big one" when it has nothing at all to do with most of what we see here, for people needing help.

If you think my saying "try reducing your site's footprint" to people needing help with their fat site optimization is bad advice, please let me know.
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