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Please help me with my time to first byte
07-13-2014, 03:48 PM (This post was last modified: 07-13-2014 03:56 PM by GreenGecko.)
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RE: Please help me with my time to first byte
@Anton, as so many people are repeatedly telling you... TTFB is not affected by the content.

It is the time that the server takes to generate and start to return the HTML skeleton. It is affected by things like server + infrastructure performance and tuning, server side code quality: things that a competent admin /DBA / developer with the relevant tools can address on a (virtual or real ) server.

As this html framework is usually pretty small, and compression of an ascii file is usually of the order of 10x makes it even smaller, content download is pretty irrelevant.

Keeping to a decent sized page is a good idea, but with even me out here in the wops having the ability to download content at comfortably over 1MB/sec, it's much less of a problem than a 10 second TTFB.

The browser downloads static content. It may not even be from the webserver, so how can this affect TTFB? The browser has just delivered a load of URLs, no other content. I suppose shortening them as much as possible might shave a couple of milliseconds of the download time, which isn't even technically in the TTFB - except for the time spent compressing html content on the fly if necessary.

The whole point of these waterfall diagrams are to show you where the delay lies. Please explain how a download of a large file from a remote site can, in any way affect the TTFB that's already happened.

You repeatedly make this claim that this is not the case, but nowhere have you shown a shred of evidence. Why not?

I'm sure Patrick will agree with me that numbers aren't everything, and his tests are in a permanent state of develpment: whilst getting straight A's across the scoreboard is nice to see, it doesn't necessarily reflect the true view of the site as seen by the visitor. It is an (extremely useful!) tool to use as a part of improving website performance.
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