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Congestion Window issues
09-06-2014, 12:57 AM
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RE: Congestion Window issues
Got this reply from our CDN provider. I'm sharing this not to disagree with their analysis but to see if anyone can understand why we might be getting these results.

response below >>

As this is a free testing website, they are under heavy use over a changing network path, so it's difficult to tell what is occurring and where.

I've run into other customers using this tool and have found widely varying results which differ greatly from other testing solutions. The service we are using to test is a dedicated, pay service, so the results seem to be much more reliable. Regarding the CloudShark analysis you've provided, it seems to be based on the same results, which are again, difficult to rely upon. Allow me to illustrate this with some comparative test results below:

iWin -

Webpage - 1581ms

Catchpoint:Cogent - 435ms

Catchpoint:Level3 - 293ms

Catchpoint:NTT - 327ms


Google -

Webpage - 1227ms

Catchpoint:Cogent - 203ms

Catchpoint:Level 3 - 202ms

Catchpoint:NTT - 187ms



Webpage - 4364ms

Catchpoint:Cogent - 590ms

Catchpoint:Level3 - 768ms

Catchpoint:NTT - 786ms

As you can see from the above results, shows much higher results for any tested webpage, including popular pages like google and cnn, while Catchpoint shows significantly lower results for all sites tested. This leads me to believe that the information gathered by is not reliable for in depth network analysis. The capture you've used seems to have been collected from the same site, which leads me to question the reliability of this information.

We are open to investigating this issue further, but the information you've provided so far doesn't agree with the tests that we're seeing when we test from our dedicated testing solution. Have you tried testing against assets on, then analyzing the output through CloudShark to see if the segment size is the same? If so, would it be possible to provide that information for further analysis?
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