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Webpagetest & Other Browser data donot match
11-14-2014, 08:34 AM
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RE: Webpagetest & Other Browser data donot match

.xlsx  WebPageTest_Nov-13-2014.xlsx (Size: 82.79 KB / Downloads: 144)    
(11-14-2014 05:29 AM)pmeenan Wrote:  
(11-12-2014 11:16 AM) Wrote:  Hi
Thanks for the response

pmeenan) Sometimes Chrome and Firefox will show resources served from cache as well as Data URI's
Sunil) We are hitting using mozilla or chrome browser after clearing the Cache & Cookies which can be accessed from History menu.

Right, but depending on where you are looking for the information on the requests, it might be including things that do not actually hit the network (data URIs in particular).

Have you looked through to see what actual requests you are seeing that are not showing up on WebPagetest?

Quote:sunil) Our assumption is that underneath webpagetest, you are using Mozilla and chrome, so why are our requests consistently higher than webpagetest.
pmeenan) in the case of's main page it looks like there is an adsense ad near the bottom for example which will be different every time
sunil) This makes sesne, it still does not explain why sometimes we see a difference of 50 or more requests when compared to webpagetest, Does webpagetest not use adsense on make to make requests.

Sure, I was just explaining how the numbers can vary from one run to another and why they will not always be the same.

Quote:pmeenan) Do you have a link to a test result
sunil) We can send you a Har file, is that acceptable.

HAR file from the desktop browser or WebPagetest? Both need to be compared to each other to see what the requests are that are different.
Sunil: Comparing Har files which are turned into Excel sheets is in progress.
but here is a quick observation.
1) Webpagetests tells that there were 162Req (onLoad) & 192Req (pageLoad)
2) When we download the Excel sheet via the "RawObjectData" Link the number of lines is 265. We are assuming that these lines correspond to the number of requests. Can you please look into this. An attachment is provided for the Excel and a screenshot of the test.
3) Run on Nov-13-2014 using Webpagetest.
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