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Variable Wordpress time to first byte - a hosting problem??
01-30-2015, 08:58 AM (This post was last modified: 01-30-2015 08:59 AM by ajm_76.)
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RE: Variable Wordpress time to first byte - a hosting problem??
(01-30-2015 12:16 AM)Andy3142 Wrote:  Dear AJ,

Thanks for that helpful post and for taking the time to run the two tests. We've had a "positive confusion factor" at work here. The engineer at my hosts, 34SP, kindly and unexpectedly tweaked by WP W3 Total Cache plugin, and greatly improved results. He said:

"> The W3 Total Cache plugin is very good, but does need some careful configuration. I have made some changes to it,

that vastly improve site load speeds including the painful TTFB, which was being caused by cached database queries to disk.

I would advise against caching database queries to disk on any shared hosting servers.

It might work on a dedicated server, but , to be honest, MySQL caches in RAM and disk just slows things down for these.

Cheers "

Right he is (generally speaking).

You might still try object caching, however, and see what sort of mileage you get out of that.

I must say, that's pretty impressive you have a host that will dive into W3TC like that for you... I don't actually think I've ever heard of a host doing such a thing. I'll spread the good news of 34SP Smile

Quote:I think he did this after I posted, but before you tested. So we were testing different situations.

That seems likely.

Quote:I am checking into your "hot mess" suggestions urgently, and thank you for these. I knew there were things I had to look into but no clear idea which.

I see you've been working!

...You appear to have found that "Browser Cache" tab in Total Cache.

Not incidentally, you can also handle the afore mentioned minification and combination of CSS and .JS with W3TC, but that is where things get pretty tough and time consuming.

I would recommend testing those features within W3TC; then disabling them and trying Autoptimize for minification/combination purposes to see what gives you the best results (Autoptimize generally being the superior solution). Then, if you're feeling particularly froggy, you might try the "Inline and Defer" CSS option within Autoptimize (a tutorial for which can be found here on WpFASTER).

Lastly, you can remedy those lingering image issues with EWWW Image Optimizer. Bing bang boom.



All the best, mate. Let me know if you need some help with any of the above.
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