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AWS easy deployment first impressions
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AWS easy deployment first impressions
02-25-2015, 03:45 PM
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AWS easy deployment first impressions
I spent the evening playing around with the AMI-based WPT deployment. Some questions and observations:

-Is port 80 wide open to the world pretty much just required? I spent some time trying to keep this locked down, but it looks as though the AWS test agent AMIs end up speaking over their public interfaces rather than the private ones, so the default security group allowing intra-security-group traffic doesn't work.

-There's a bug somewhere around here ( where it seems as though tags are attempted to be set before the instance is actually available. An ugly sleep(60) added before tag creation solved it, but I know the ruby aws-sdk provides a wait until ready function that may help here.

-The docs should probably mention to delete the SSH public key distributed with the server AMI. This, in /home/ubuntu/.ssh/authorized_keys could allow unauthorized access.

-since test agents aren't launched with a key pair, the AWS console won't let you reset the windows password.

I really love this new approach, but it's definitely still a little rough and requires permissions that only make me comfortable running this on a dedicated AWS account that is only used for WPT infrastructure.
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