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Private Instance No Test Results
03-03-2015, 07:44 AM
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Private Instance No Test Results
I've got a private instance running and have set up a EC2 test agent using ami-561cb13e. It's a windows 64 bit test agent. Everything is working but it's taking 10 mins to load and then it's saying that the test completed but there were no successful results.

So I added connectivity=LAN to the location like the documentation says and it doesn't help. Then I saw that on the Performance Calendar site Patrick said that it could take 10 mins if the EC2 instance isn't staying up so I added to the settings.ini:

; Use if the server will be auto-starting/stopping EC2 test agents
;ec2_key=<access key>

; Should we automatically delete any EBS volumes marked as "available"?
; This can be used to prevent orphaned volumes but only if the account
; doesn't expect to keep offline EBS volumes.

; Start an EC2 instance for every X tests in the queue (up to the location max)

; Default location when using EC2 auto-scaling

; Per-location minimum and maximum EC2 instance counts.
; By default the minimum will be 0 and the maximum will be 1.
; This needs to be specified for every location where you want
; different settings (EC2.<location>.min/max).

Here's the location file:


label="US East (N. Virginia)"

browser=Chrome,Firefox,Safari,IE 11
label="US East (N. Virginia)"

I even tried a windows 32 bit system ami-c262d9ab and added this to the location file:




Here's what the test logs are saying:

2015/02/28 05:48:57 - Test Created
2015/02/28 05:48:58 - Starting test (initiated by tester i-8623567c)
2015/02/28 05:59:58 - Test has been running for 11 minutes and it has been 100 since the last update, forcing the full test to finish.

Am I missing anything or is there any other advice anyone can give me on setting this up? Thanks for taking the time to look through it all!
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