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Suspect the correctness of start render time
08-08-2015, 11:01 PM
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RE: Suspect the correctness of start render time
Be great if you could post a link to the site your testing too.

The way I get finer grain info, is to run inotifywait reporting times + file accesses on the site I'm testing. This works best with a test site, where you are the only visitor.

Using something like this command gives extremely fine grain info...

inotifywait -e open -mr --timefmt '%Y-%m-%d-%T' --format '%w%f %T %e' --exclude '\.(bak|sw[xp])\$'

Then you can look at all the file opens in the "time to first byte window" + consider which files may be involved.

If you have to go deeper you can use XDebug function traces describe here where show_mem_delta allows pinpointing memory ballooning + collect_return allows pinpointing which call (out of multiple calls) to the same routine might be a performance hog.

There's no WPT mechanism for finer granularity + inotifywait + XDebug can easily show this info accessing server side data.

Another tool is XHprof, which shows a callgraph view so you can identify where most time is spent by routine in a graphical arrangement you can look at + in a few seconds visualize TFB related problems.

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