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Anyone interested in cleaning up our code?
05-05-2016, 05:03 AM
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RE: Anyone interested in cleaning up our code? surfaces several items for you to fix.

1) Fix the massive video which is downloading. I'd say remove it or serve it after page load. This video will kill mobile visits.

2) Looking at items like 2, 10, 15, 19 you'll notice connection time is fairly long, followed by long time serving each asset. Since these are all small text files (.js + .css + minified) this suggests you're running an old or untuned LAMP stack. LAMP - Linux + Apache + MariaDB/MySQL + PHP.

Best you start with a recent distro like latest Ubuntu LTS + hire a server savant to tune your system.

Tuning usually begins on an hourly basis, then when nothing changes move to daily/weekly/monthly, again based on stability of thinks like Apache + Database + PHP log data.

Nmap suggests you're running a Linux 2.6.x kernel, which means you're running Apache-2.2 + old Database + PHP code.

Running latest Apache + MariaDB + PHP-7 + latest Opcache will likely give you a massive performance increase.

Like help speeding up your site? Skype me @ ID davidfavor for a quote. Be sure to include your site name in your Skype Add Contact request.
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