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04-27-2016, 03:27 PM
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So it's a magento site then (:

First off, the TTFB is a reflection of how well your site builds up the html skeleton of the page, which requires use of php and the database to build. The majority of the contents of the .htaccess above are working on speeding the transfer of static resources, and will not affect the TTFB.

The obvious misconfiguration I see is
php memory is set to 256MB. Minimum recommnded is 384MB.

After that, you need to tune your server to handle the needs of magento:
- database. ensure using MySQL 5.6 if possible, but make sure you're using innodb_file_per_table ( you'll need to dump / restore - and preferably reinstall MySQL if you're not ), and that there is plenty of innodb cache available. Use a script like - freely available on the net - to improve your configuration.
- php. use the latest version that you can. This depends on the version of magento you're running, so you need to check. Older versions limit you to PHP 5.3 ( there's a script to update to support 5.4 ), newer allow 5.5, and Magento2 even newer.
- php opcache. For old versions use eAccelerator in this setup, newer ones use the built in zend opcode cacher.
- use of tmpfs filesystems. If you have plenty of memory ( and if not, get more! ), then mount var/cache and var/session in memory. Not only can you make it run faster, but the mount parameters can make it safer too.
- apache. If you're using SuPHP, then don't! For best performance, implement a fpm based infrastructure. If you do this, and are using an old version of PHP, then switch to the APC opcode cacher from eAccelerator.

That should get you started at least...

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