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Any interest in using WPTMonitor with your WebPagetest installation?
05-27-2016, 02:07 AM
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RE: Any interest in using WPTMonitor with your WebPagetest installation?
Hi Tony
I needed it so much some years ago that I created a fork of wptMonitor :

I'm most of the time webperf consultant and was happy to install it for 2-3 clients.
The fork is because I had to modify the code to have it run on newer versions of PHP, 3 years ago, and I added a hook in the WPT tests results for people who would like to send any data WPT gather to the visualization system of their choice.

Currently for my clients I send them tests results to Splunk or Graphite.

It's perfect to program tests, a bit less for visualization, and I'm not using alerting but my clients tend to use the alerting system of their visualization solutions.

I was pretty happy with it once I dig into it, but I will test for a client because they have nice graphes, and already provide dashboard with advanced functionalities like monitoring the 3rd parties, graph the Google Analytics RUM measures and even provide a server image to be the RUM endpoint.
But it does not look like does have the level of UI you made for the Jobs / Scripts part … This is probably the biggest plus of wptMonitor for me, that + hackability.

Jean-pierre VINCENT
Fork of WPT monitor private instance :
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