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Any interest in using WPTMonitor with your WebPagetest installation?
06-02-2016, 10:49 PM
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RE: Any interest in using WPTMonitor with your WebPagetest installation?
Hi Tony,

we used your wptmonitor for automation and visualization for several years. Thanks a lot for development and maintenance then. By now we developed a new application, in parts with a similar use case: OpenSpeedMonitor. In 2014 we published it under Apache 2.0 licence. Sources of OpenSpeedMonitor can be found on github. It's a Grails aplication based on Groovy language. We would love to win new developers if you would like to participate Wink

Here you can find a demo instance with some example measurements document complete times. Jobs and measurement scripts can be administrated with a comfortable code editor in the browser. We also patched WebPagetest server to produce one result per measured step from multistep scripts. If you click on the data points in the graphs you can see the results of these multistep tests. At the moment we are working on integrating that functionality into central code base.

We could offer you demo credentials for OpenSpeedMonitor if you would like to evaluate it or just want to setup some example measurements. In addition to visualization of raw WebPagetest results OpenSpeedMonitor translates measured times in percentages of users who would be satisfied with these load times. All the percentages of the measurements of different pages with different browsers and so on can be aggregated to a customer satisfaction index (csi) of the whole web application under test.

Here you see this sort of aggregated csi for the e-commerce applications with the highest turnover in germany.
Here you can see and configure the translation and weighting of all the measurements as part of the calculation of csi.

Regards, Nils
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