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No SSL or AMP, am I doomed?
08-31-2016, 09:50 PM
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RE: No SSL or AMP, am I doomed?
This is probably not the right forum to discuss the SEO side of things, ranking etc because it would all be random speculation. We can discuss the why's and hows of HTTPS and AMP though.

For HTTPS, it doesn't really matter how you code your site (static HTML, database, etc). The issue sunjohn pointed out is that there are an increasing number of cases where the content you serve from your server isn't what actually arrives at the user's broweser. ISPs in particular are notorious for injecting javascript that inserts their own ads or other content into your HTML. It's up to you if that is a concern or not but that is just one of the many reasons to consider it.

As far as the performance cost, that is going to depend a LOT on your setup and hosting environment. Configured optimally, HTTPS will add one round trip to each HTTPS connection (usually the only overall cost is on the first connection):

If you are serving more than just a single HTML file (i.e. if there are any images, js, css) then that round trip (and more) can usually be made up by enabling HTTP/2 which is also only available on HTTPS. HTTP/2 will eliminate the connection set-up time for all of the subsequent resources on the page.

On the AMP side of things, beyond the placement in the news carousel and better user experience in search (flipping between articles, etc) you also get a pretty big performance boost because your content is 100% hosted on and served from the AMP provider's CDN/edge cache (in the case you are talking about, Google but lots of other companies are also looking at serving AMP pages within their platforms).
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