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Script not executing or stopping too early
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Script not executing or stopping too early
09-23-2016, 08:16 AM
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Script not executing or stopping too early
I'm trying to write a script that logs in, and after login clicks on a button. I want to measure the whole process from the start of entering credentials, to the end of navigation to the second page after logging in. This is my script below. I'm using a private instance so can't post the result, but I explain below the 2 different results that I get:

logData 0
logData 1
execAndWait $('#ius-userid').val('###'); $('#ius-password').val('###'); $('#ius-sign-in-submit-btn').click();
setDOMElement stepid=step1
execAndWait document.querySelector('ha-flow-step[stepid="step0"] .ha-button-primary').click();

### = data i scrubbed

There's 2 problems:
1 - If I run the script as is above, it doesn't complete the click of the button (the last line). It just sits on the page that loads after login.
2 - I also want to measure just the 2nd page loading, ignoring everything before it (in a separate script) and if I try this by moving the logData 1 down to the line above setDOMElement I get error "First View: Test Data Missing" with no results to look at.

Any tips on what I may be doing wrong?
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