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TTFB is too BAD !
03-08-2017, 03:43 PM
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RE: TTFB is too BAD !
(03-08-2017 09:19 AM)avalanch Wrote:  From gtmetrix...

Quote:Page Speed currently only detects image dimensions that are specified via the image attributes. If you are specifying the dimensions via CSS, then you can safely ignore this recommendation.

Details from Google

When the browser lays out the page, it needs to be able to flow around replaceable elements such as images. It can begin to render a page even before images are downloaded, provided that it knows the dimensions to wrap non-replaceable elements around. If no dimensions are specified in the containing document, or if the dimensions specified don't match those of the actual images, the browser will require a reflow and repaint once the images are downloaded. To prevent reflows, specify the width and height of all images, either in the HTML <img> tag, or in CSS.

For sites with little images, this shouldn't matter. But for sites trying to place 50 plus different images... then yeah, it would make a difference. Plus this can make a difference when ranking for "serve scaled images".

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