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Issue with Dulles?
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Issue with Dulles?
01-03-2017, 04:11 PM
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Issue with Dulles?
Just wondering if anyone else has been experience flakey results with the Dulles site? I've been testing a bunch over the last several days and getting poor results compared to using other test sites.

I'm kind of a newbie, so not sure about all this, but mainly have been using Dulles until this week.

Here's my situation. I run a bunch of sites for local businesses, mostly static Wordpress sites, pretty low volume. I use a VPS on Wired Tree, which until now has been quite good. I usually just optimize once and then test periodically to make sure my server is running fine. Most of my sites are pretty fast.

So last week or so I noticed some slow performance for the first time. Checked with my host and they said things looked good. I usually do the full 9 runs. This time, I started seeing various slowdowns, at least 3-4 run with TTFB of more than 1 sec (usually 200-300ms), or really slow response times for a couple file, but not always the same ones. Also, the first run usually seemed ok, I think mostly the consequent runs were slow. I saw this on several different sites of mine.

It was so unusual I decided to try other test locations, which I've never done. Turns out Lincoln, San Jose, Denver, all seem to give my typically "fast" results, so it seems like only Dulles is showing the slowdown. Any help would be appreciated. Here is a sample of some of the results:
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