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Scripting Not Working On Private Instance
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Scripting Not Working On Private Instance
03-14-2017, 05:49 AM (This post was last modified: 03-15-2017 11:02 PM by jhood4.)
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Scripting Not Working On Private Instance
Hi guys, I was hoping that someone could help me out with this. I am trying to test the scripting functionality of my local instance of this product, but even the most basic scripts don't seem to work. I have confirmed that my script works at, but when I try the exact same script on my local instance, it fails. Could I be missing something in my configuration or has anybody else experienced this issue and knows of a fix. My script looks like this(tab-delimited, not spaces):

logData 0
logData 1

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


I figured, I would add the errors that I am getting when I attempt to test this script on my local instance.

If i run it through the UI, I get the following error:

The testing completed but failed.
Timed out waiting for the browser to start.
Waterfall Screen Shot Video
First View: Test Data Missing
Repeat View: Test Error: Skipped repeat view, first view failed: Timed out waiting for the browser to start.

In reality, I am writing a simple php script using curl to start tests, collect the test results and store results in a database. An example of the curl call I am using to start the test is below:

$link = urlencode(file_get_contents('test.txt'));

$startTest = curl_init();
curl_setopt_array($startTest, array(
'location' => 'Office_wptdriver',
'f' => 'json',
'script' => $link,
'video' => 1

$response = curl_exec($startTest);

//The script continues from here to check the test status then collect the results once it has been completed.

If i remove the script option and manually specify single URLs, using the url option, the script runs fine and all data is stored correctly. However, when I use the script option and point to my URL encoded version of the script file I wrote, I get the following error:

{"statusCode":400,"statusText":"Invalid Script (make sure there is at least one navigate command and that the commands are tab-delimited). Please contact us if you need help with your test script."}

The URL encoded script looks like this:​

I have also tested this without encoding my script file with the same results. There are definitely navigate commands in my script and they are tab-delimited so I'm not sure what I am doing wrong.

I have also verified that all necessary PHP modules from the installation documentation are installed on the server, so I don't believe that is a problem.

Logs don't seem to give me any truly useful information to narrow down the issue.

Anyone else experiencing or have experience this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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