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Need some advice on my site.
06-13-2017, 05:55 AM (This post was last modified: 06-13-2017 06:15 AM by rosswaters.)
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RE: Need some advice on my site.
(06-10-2017 08:24 AM)dfavor Wrote:  Several items to fix.

1) Use HTTP2 + ALPN.

Fix: Switch to hosting which implements both.

2) Something's slightly amiss with your SSL issuer chain.

Fix: Change to Letsencrypt - Free Certs that work.

Fixed when: curl -I -L works correctly with no warnings.

3) Your SSL grade is B with 100/95/90/90.

Fix: My preference A+ with 100/95/100/100.

Likely your score will raise to from B to A just by fixing your SSL issuer chain issue.

4) Enable OCSP stapling + Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Fix: Switch to hosting which implements both.

5) show primary problem is speed serving asset #1 (HTML) which depends on several factors.

a) Speed of your hosting

b) Your WordPress theme + plugins.

Debug: Install the Query Monitor plugin + enable SAVEQUERIES in your wp-config.php file + select "Queries by Component" from Query Monitor stat bar.

A well tooled site will have around 50 SELECTs only. No UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT at all.

If there are 100s of SELECTs or even a few UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT statements running, this will be your first place to look at tuning.

I'm presupposing you've done base level tuning like moving /tmp off disk into tmpfs memory + correctly setting up Opcache...

And that you're running Apache-2.4.25+ with PHP-7.1.6+ + latest MariaDB (Fast MySQL).

Fix these few items + likely you'll have a screaming fast site.

Thanks dflavor,

You are 100% correct on the bad SSL. It came with my host and it is garbage. I was going to go with another host but they do not support the SSL you suggested so I am going to most likely go with A2 hosting as they offer LetsEncrypt as their option. If anything this will be better in the long run as most stock android browsers, older Apple devices report SSL issues with our site and it has bothered me from the start.

There are typically 80 query with 73 selects, 2 each insert, show and delete. The query time is .0662 and server side total page generation is .92 seconds. I am sure my hosting network is at fault as the number from multiple tests shows huge amounts of time changes but yet consistent server times once the wait is over.

I will continue to look through the advice you have given. I am trying to find out why my current host keeps changing my settings to this.

I have made this adjustment many times to add it in the past and they seem to void it after a few day of me updating it back to including it.

The hosting I am on is extremely bad, one of the worst I have seen.


Yesterday I contacted them about my sites php settings, they issued the php.ini for 5.6 when I am on php7. They told me what they were seeing and I said I do not see this. They then told me to FTP into this address they gave me and then gave me the user and password to log in to it. I logged in and noticed that was not my server. I was shocked that they had me login to someone else's web server. Once I said this is not my server and I gave them my server name they transferred me to another tech. Multitasking support tickets is not everyone's strengths Wink

I do not recommend Bluehost to anyone, they are horrible.

Thanks again for your input,

(06-10-2017 11:40 AM)GreenGecko Wrote:  @dfavor. You've really got this thing with http2 and ssl haven't you. Please explain why these are your (4) most important points when attempting to fix an extremely long TTFB! ( and even more so in this case when most of the heavy lifting is done by Amazon Cloudfront anyway! )

Using 'Apache-2.4.25+ with PHP-7.1.6+ + latest MariaDB (Fast MySQL).' will not fix anything unless they're properly configured, and TBH with this length of TTFB, specific versions of anything will make only minimal differences, only proper server sizing and infrastructure configuration ( in fact MariaDB will only really improve things if you use the InnoDB engine - from Percona - by default, and tune it appropriately ).

If you stick to popular and well supported plugins ( ie they run with the latest versions of WP and have loads of users ) then there's not much chance it'll affect performance significantly. One notable exception to this is wordfence, which doesn't maintain it's data at all, so the only option is to tick the box to delete data on uninstall, then uninstall / install it to recover your lost performance ( unless they've fixed this in the last few months ).

Only then worry about improving performance through using latest versions ( although TBH it's usually far, far more sensible to go with the mainstream versions of the distro in use for improved support ), and ONLY THEN worry about how good your SSL configuration is.

My $0.02.
Just as an aside, a properly tuned database will handle thousands of queries / second without breaking a sweat. Concentrating on this is dropping the ball big time, and once again, the law od diminishing returns is against you.

However, none of these points are relevant if you're on shared hosting, which is what the OP is after.

Hi GreenGecko,

dflavor is correct on my SSL, it is a really bad SSL Positive SSL cert that is offered with my hosting.

I tried Wordfence last year and wow, you are 100% correct, very sloppy and problematic. I have since changed to iThemes Security, it seems a lot better. I should look and see if Wordfence still has tables in my db.

Do you have any advice on hosting services. I am leaning towards A2 Hosting at the moment. My Bluehost account is dead in 6 weeks so I am focusing on this while improving TTFB at the moment.


(06-10-2017 10:07 AM)akshayranganath Wrote:  Your webfont is loaded pretty late in the waterfall (req#50). As a simpler alternative, would it be possible to inject loading this from within the HTML <head>?

Ideally, you should use "preload" ( attribute as well.

<link rel="preload" href="//" as="font">

This will give you a little bit benefit.

Other alternatives are to use HTTP/2 like dfavor mentioned above. You could consider concatenating JS and CSS files as well. However, I am not sure if you really control the hosting to be able to make this change.

I am currently on Bluehost and it is garbage, I have ssh but I am moving in a month to another host. I have been reading the stuff from the link you sent me, thanks it is helpful.

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