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New to all this need help!
03-09-2010, 11:13 PM
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RE: New to all this need help!
First step is to run a test of the site:

Looks like there is a lot of room for improvement. Here is the order I'd recommend working on it:

1 - Enable gzip compression for html, css and js mime types. That will save 560KB off of the download and should just be a tweak to the server configuration (or .htaccess since it looks like you are running on apache). It will speed up the site and also save you a bunch of bandwidth (and it's a trivial server configuration change).

2 - Combine those css files into a single file and same for the javascript files. You should be able to get your start render time down from 13-14 seconds to 3-4 seconds with just that change and it will have a huge benefit to how fast the site "feels" to your users.

3 - Set a far future expiration on all of the images, css and js. That will eliminate all of the "yellow" requests in the repeat view and make the site REALLY fast for anyone coming back a second time. It does mean that you can't edit or change the files without changing the file name though.

4 - Create an image sprite for the graphical elements on the page (see SpriteMe for help making it easy).

5 - Go through your images and make sure they are the right format and are compressed as much as possible without losing quality (we recommend using the "save for web quality 50" if you are using Photoshop for jpeg's). I see some images that should be jpeg's instead of png's (like this one: that would be a LOT smaller and the ones that are already jpeg's could be 50-80% smaller as well without losing quality.

These are pretty much the critical things that you NEED to do. There is a lot more you could do to make it faster even after these but unless you make these fixes nothing else will really matter.
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