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Bandwidth Graphs
06-24-2010, 07:28 PM
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RE: Bandwidth Graphs
Hey There,

(06-24-2010 07:02 PM)LeptienM Wrote:  I assume that this could be done. Anyway, the question is, if that would improve the perceived performance by the customer? Or would be a rather "scientific" improvement, with no perceived improvement?

It would improve the perceived performance. There is a little ajax wheel turning on product images while that one image is being downloaded. The product images are not downloaded until the on document complete event fires. So because of that single image in that particular case, the product images would have been perceived as being loaded slowly.

(06-24-2010 07:02 PM)LeptienM Wrote:  A reason could be Network congestion. Your TCP SYN or HTTP GET is delayed or even dropped in an overloaded routing queue along the network path. Other reason could be an overloaded machine or Webserver, which is busy answering requests from other visitors to your site.

Well I am on a dedicated server with one other person. My website is under development and his website gets minimal traffic. I really doubt the webserver would be extremely busy. This leads me to believe it might be the other case where the network path may be slow. I suppose there is nothing you can do about this? Please note, I am using a CDN.

Travis Walters
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