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Webpagetest limitations
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Webpagetest limitations
10-05-2011, 09:51 PM
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Webpagetest limitations

I installed webpagetest about 6 months ago while doing some research into using it to make a website monitoring application. From my reading on the forums etc. there seemed to be some limitations that would prevent it from being ideal for my system. I just wanted to ask about two of the issues that I remember finding because I have just looked into webpagetest again and am seriously considering using it.

1. Concurrent tests. It seems that the model for webpagetest is based on a single queue of pages that need to be processed. Is there any way to process more than one page at a time with the current system? If not, is there a possible way around it (I am prepared to work on the feature myself). Is this a limitation in the packet capturing or the browser or something else?

2. The user needs to be logged in to get screenshots. I *think* I had problems with the screenshots or video when I was not directly logged in to the server (my memory is a little fuzzy). I tried hosting this on a VPN with remote desktop access. Does webpage test work correctly if there is a logged in user session without the user actually viewing the remote desktop? What is the recommended way to set up the server?

Also, I would like to use the scripting system to test a series of steps. I haven't actually looked into this much yet but I will soon. I am just mentioning this here in case any problems/limitations with the scripting system come to mind.

Thank you for any help that anyone can give.
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