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Next gen optimizations
06-21-2012, 03:13 PM
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RE: Next gen optimizations
From the looks of things, your biggest bang would come from doing more work on the back-end. Looks like chunked encoding and early flush is working fine but the thumbnails don't start loading until the base page completes the more expensive operations. Given the scale of your systems I'm sure it's not a simple task but it looks like you have 500+ms of savings that you could achieve if you can get the back-ends to respond faster.

I'd also spend some time digging into the visual experience:

It looks like the results don't display at all until well after all of the product thumbnails have loaded (and well after the content itself should be available). Under the advanced settings you can capture a dev tools timeline if you use Chrome for the browser and that should help track it down but without knowing the page logic better it's hard to say what is causing it to block for so long.

I ran a test using Chrome which also provides the "Initiator" (line of code that causes a given resource to load) and it looks like there is a combination of the first 4 thumbnails being loaded directly by the HTML and the rest being filled in by j

The javascript that is used to load the other thumbnails is loaded pretty late in the waterfall and holds things up as a result. I don't usually recommend moving javascript higher but since you have some spare time because of the back-end processing time you would probably benefit from loading the script in your first flush so it is ready by the time you need to start loading the thumbnails.

You might also want to look at using Data URI's for those first 4 thumbnails and embedding them in the HTML directly.
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