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Where to set parameters?
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Where to set parameters?
10-10-2012, 06:47 PM
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Where to set parameters?

I've setup a private WPT server and have an EC2 test agent running using this AMI: IE9/Chrome/Firefox - ami-f97029bc : 314854558937/wpt-IE9.

I've set the locations.ini file on the server based on the EC2 sample and that appears to be working alright, I have a location and browsers to choose form on the server. The one piece of the puzzle I am missing is where I set config so that the two machines know to talk to each other.

Going through the instructions, I know I need to set the parameters below, but I am not sure where I need to set them.

These are the parameters I am referring to:

wpt_server - the web server where WebPagetest is running (required)
wpt_location - The location name to use (optional - if not specified it will be built from the region and browser - ec2-us-east-IE8 for example)
wpt_key - secret key for the specified location (optional)
wpt_threads - number of simultaneous browsers to run (optional, defaults to 1 - multiple threads does not work with traffic shaping)
wpt_timeout - timeout setting for each test in seconds (optional, defaults to 60)
wpt_reboot_interval - reboot every X minutes (optional, defaults to 720)
wpt_defrag_interval - defrag the hard drive every X days (optional, defaults to disabled - 0)

Thanks for any help!

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