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third parties yoin my scores...
06-09-2013, 01:13 PM
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RE: third parties ruin my scores...
(06-08-2013 08:12 PM)Chris Stark Wrote:  Your biggest problem by far is time to first byte. It's either the database being really slow or your hosting being slow. I see you're using the Magento CMS on what looks like Amazon Web Services. I'm not a huge fan of AWS but you've probably got less options if you're in NZ. Might be worth having a talk with someone at Rackspace since you'll get a lot more help out of their managed cloud service than you do from AWS on the server/db setup side of things. As far as loading the .js at different times there are a number of ways to do that but I don't think that's really as big of an issue.

Additionally on your third party tags you'll notice a significant amount of time is spent doing a DNS lookup. You can speed that up by doing DNS prefetching. You can google about it or I wrote a post about it a while back on my blog. DNS Prefetching

Thanks Chris. Rackspace is - in my very recent experience - not reliable enough to put a website upon, and also exceedingly expensive. Yes, you're right, there are few cost-effective alternatives down here, in fact I was running my own physical servers to both be able to afford, and run powerful enough servers before Amazon came along - with all of the grief and loss of sleep that that entails.

And, once being well enough fed, the barrier to high performance for a Magento site is plain old raw power: the DB load is almost trivial once the caches are filled, as you would expect from what is primarily a read-only process. So much so, that I usually share the web and db servers on the same hardware. However, that may need to change if it becomes easier to use pagespeed rather than train devs to actually write clean html!

But I know all of that, and the query was about speeding up the loading of third party resources. I'm having problems seeing whether DNS prefetching would work on a single page download as in this benchmark test? And surely, once the names have been resolved, they'll be available locally in the browser *if* proper expiry times, etc are set. And it is this that is, I think, as the core of the problem, because a lot of them don't.

If I, who's spent a lot of time and effort in tuning my resources, could act as an intermediary in some way, and deliver the static proportion of these 3rd party resources, then I could speed the site up appreciably, at extremely small cost. I'm looking for ideas along that line, and devious alternatives Smile
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