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Slow website; what's your take on this?
05-04-2014, 03:04 AM (This post was last modified: 05-04-2014 03:08 AM by Anton Chigurh.)
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RE: Slow website; what's your take on this?
(05-03-2014 08:00 PM)JMTC Wrote:  Edit: Do you guys know how reliable Pingdom's RUM data is? I've tried to replicate the poor results from Australia, but I still get a load time less than 3 seconds (test result), which is nowhere near the poor results Pingdom suggest.
All I know is, multiple tests from multiple sites just muddy the waters. WPT is real browsers on real connections, it's not theoretical at all and it is objective and scientific. It's not trying to sell you anything and it doesn't ask for your email address so it can spam you later. And I test my sites against only one parameter in WPT - fact cable connection, IE10 browser in Virginia. Then after I have them grading well on that, I test using WPT from other locations, other browsers and other connections just to see how they do with those. But I make my adjustments, based on only the one set of test parameters.

I think of it this way: Do you have 4-5 scales in your bathroom, weighing yourself on each one then just cherry picking the number you like? Of course not. That wouldn't be scientific and it would just muddy the waters.

Remember my most important things about website optimization: 1.) There is a point of diminishing returns re: the amount of time and effort you're putting in vs. results. 2.) The goal is to achieve a nice balance between form and function. You want to look good, but load fast. Never sacrifice performance for looks. Find that balance. And finally 3.) Keep checking your site, especially after adding anything. See if the addition(s) mess up your grades. And above all, keep it simple.

(Note: I chose the one test parameter in WPT - the IE 10 cable connection out of Dulles VA - because it is the most consistent and reliable of all the other locations and connections available in WPT. I used to test scattershot, as Patrick suggests, but then learned better. I make all adjustments based on the one parameter, then check other parameters just out of curiosity. But I never make any adjustments, based on those tests. And I only, ever, use ONE site. WPT.)

I don't know why people think CloudFlare helps. It demonstrably does not. Think about it - it still relies ON YOUR HOST and it cannot ever, make that host machine any faster than it is. And when it is down, your site is down. It's a SHAM. I used it for two years before figuring this out.
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