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Late Start Render Time - What is blocking?
08-07-2014, 10:36 PM
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RE: Late Start Render Time - What is blocking?
I think you're starting to get into the realm of the performance for the browser itself.

There are probably a couple of things going on:

1 - The video capture is every 100ms so it could have been anywhere between 0.601 and 0.700s.

2 - Browsers tend to try to conserve work and not paint too often (finding a balance can be difficult). As long as it has work to do (building the tree, applying styles, etc) it might decide to defer rendering for a little bit (I know Chrome has a escape on the tokenizer after doing 250ms of work for example - not sure about Firefox's logic).

3 - Actually drawing the content can sometimes take a significant amount of time and getting it to the GPU and out to the screen is also not trivial.

On top of that, for Chrome anyway, there is a bug that is in the process of getting fixed where a page with only external css in the head and no script tags holds off rendering for a lot longer than it should:

For the most part you are doing a lot of things right and it's really up to the browsers to find a better way to get as much of the content to the screen as early as possible without otherwise slowing down the user experience.

The one opportunity that I do see is that if you inline the above-the-fold CSS you could improve the start render pretty significantly (or at least give the browsers the chance to improve it).
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