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Good grades, slow loading speed
08-10-2014, 08:04 AM (This post was last modified: 08-10-2014 10:54 PM by JakeMM.)
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RE: Good grades, slow loading speed

Many thanks for your detailed replies, they're a great help and have really showed me where to next start working on optimising the site.

I'm also looking to host a new website soon purely for UK visitors as it's based on a local artistic service I'm offering. I've been looking into finding web hosts with servers in the UK, and have narrowed them down based on reviews among other things. I've now got down to one possible host I'm thinking of going with. After speaking with them, I was able to get hold of a website which is hosted on the same server that my website would be hosted on:

From looking at the results of this website speed test, it seems it isn't very well optimised, however which stats should I look for when trying to work out whether or not the hosting company of this website are any good? And which settings should I select in order to run searches? I've been setting the location to the UK as that's where all my possible audience will be located, but I'm unsure as to which other settings to do when starting a search.

Edit: I've also been given an IP address from the possible new hosting company of, I'm not sure if I can just put that into a speed test however or whether it's better to look at the benchmarks from a website on the same server?

Edit 2: I've just realised that by keeping the "www.", it improves the first byte time by a lot as it seems the website was being redirected to the "www." version when it wasn't being used.

Thanks Jake
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