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In-Lining CSS on First Page View
02-26-2015, 08:14 AM
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RE: In-Lining CSS on First Page View
Hey There,

Thanks for the response!

I am not seeing an advanced view where I can quotes so I will do it the old fashion way.

"Sounds convoluted to me. Why not just inline critical CSS, and after DomContentLoaded, load a single, combined stylesheet from which critical CSS is drawn?"

That is what I am doing except instead of critical CSS, I am inlining all CSS. If there ever becomes a point where using this method effects performance, it would probably be best to just do critical css. The reason I am using all CSS at this point is because there is no performance impact and because it is a pain the butt to get that above the fold content warning to go away - even with automated programs available to do it for me. The automated programs seems to find about 65% of the content above the fold on my website and it seems like it is worse now that I load a bunch of stuff via AJAX.

"We have found that (in most instances) so long as the HTML ends up under 50kB, there is no general performance impact (and when there is, it is easily mitigated)."

That was the major thing I was wondering - the point at which CSS has to be reduced to be considered critical css. Glad to see you have done some testing to find this out. I am not sure it will be the same with everyone's website, but it is a good reference point to start paying attention at the very least.

Travis Walters
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