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Nodejs on Ubuntu
06-25-2015, 12:12 PM
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RE: Nodejs on Ubuntu
I got chrome to launch by putting the xvfb command that launches google-chrome into the /usr/bin/chrome file but for some reason it doesnt open the debug port and it fails to connect to devtools:

I Jun_24_21:43:37.093 browser_local_chrome.js:53 new BrowserLocalChrome : BrowserLocalChrome(/home/test/speed/webpagetest-master/agent/js/lib/webdriver/chromedriver/Linux x86_64/chromedriver-2.4, undefined)
I Jun_24_21:43:37.166 process_utils.js:366 unknown : Spawning: chrome [ '--disable-fre',
'-remote-debugging-port=1234' ] undefined
I Jun_24_21:43:37.180 browser_base.js:65 BrowserLocalChrome.<anonymous> : Chrome EXIT code 0 signal null
I Jun_24_21:43:37.201 wd_server.js:254 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : DTURL: http://localhost:1234/json
I Jun_24_21:43:45.354
E Jun_24_21:43:47.214 wd_server.js:195 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Exception from "Run test": Error: Connect DevTools
Wait timed out after 10005ms
D Jun_24_21:43:47.216 wd_server.js:196 WebDriverServer.<anonymous> : Error: Connect DevTools
Wait timed out after 10005ms

Iv tested just running chrome in a screen using the --remote-debugging-port=1234 arg both with and without xvfb, I can see the chrome process running in ps faux and top but netstat shows no ports open on 1234 (which it does when doing the same test on my desktop) so i cant connect via telnet or curl either.

So I think this looks to be an issue getting the debug port working on chrome in an ubuntu server environment. It might be a first launch thing preventing chrome from fully initialising. If I have any joy i'll update the post.
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