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Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
10-07-2015, 03:03 PM
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RE: Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
Personally, I use Percona MySQL, but seeing as Mariadb use their replacement InnoDB engine that will make no difference.

The reason that i use nginx is pretty simple... (massive oversimpleifcation alert!) it just acts as a switch, and either delivers a file or hands over to php-fpm, which is waiting for something to do. This makes monitoring and finding bottlenecks much simpler, as you're basically looking at either the database or php: db needs memory, and php needs raw cpu power. nginx itself requires little in the way of feeding, and tweaking is relatively painless. It also provides no mechanism akin to .htaccess, which does keep the configuration sensible.

The problem with using late versions of PHP ( and before you whinge at me my own site is running drupal 6 on HHVM via nginx 1.9.5/HTTP 2/pagespeed - I eat my own dogfood! ) is that I can't in all honesty set that up for a customer unless whichever CMS I'm using supports it. That's in the realms of negligence!

+1 for the rackspace comment. I have a list of incompetents I'll never recommend.
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