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Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
10-07-2015, 06:45 PM
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RE: Webshop: TTFB and Compression issues
Hey, thank you so far for all your helpful comments.

I've done a lot of phone calls the last few weeks - The website devs told me, its a hoster-problem, the hosting-team told me its a web dev problem ...

Now, im totally done with both of them.

Turned out that rendering one websiteview took like 15% of the managed servers quad core (!!!). Webdevs say they will update that issue "soon™".
The hoster cant install anything on my server, no varnish, no apc, its against their "server management practices".
But they recommended upgrading my package to a better CPU (8-core) for 500€/month.

$ time php5.4 -f index.php > /dev/null
real    0m0.679s
user    0m0.548s
sys     0m0.080s

Turned also out, that a lot of the managed servers backend options (like switching php-engine between CGI mode or apache_mod) are just fake. They give you php in CGI and a useless interface, thats it - i was shocked.

I strapped away all CDNs, disabled plugins, optimized the template code myself as good as i could, was able to activate compression for all website assets now, changed hostnames for IP-Adresses ( instead of localhost), ect..

This is what ive done all by really proud of it.
Saved 1 sec in "Start Render" and 2,5 Secs in total load.

The hosting-team tested the server with a phpinfo()-file, which had a TTFB of 270ms. They say thats "good". Really? Is that true?

I want the get rid of these hosting-guys asap.

Can anybody recommend a good europe-based root server hoster with 1 GBit Link, nice and friendly customer support for a good price?

Thank you so far,
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