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Unable to start AWS EC2 test agents
02-07-2016, 03:34 AM
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Unable to start AWS EC2 test agents

I am trying to use the WPT AWS EC2 solution. I am able to start up the server. I configured it with headless=0 so that I can use the web interface. I can get to the interfance and select Ireland (the AWS region we use) and start the test. It then states that it is waiting as the first in the list to be run.

I added my key and secret as per instruction in the instance user data. I think it does not work as in our account we do not use AWS users but instead assume IAM user roles in our account from another corporate AWS account for which our user is defined.

We have defined EC2 instance profile roles and I added one to the WPT EC2 server. I know that the AWS CLI and SKDs support instance roles but it looks like the WPT code does not?

I the following error in /var/www/webpagetest/www/log/error.log.20160206:

17:12:22 - EC2:Launching EC2 instance. Region: eu-west-1, AMI: ami-a3a81dd0, error: You are not authorized to perform this operation. Encoded authorization failure message: Z_88Xa_nF9l4rUX4oNfPEyQME4LyOAOZjIiMy5Gf6PjROQ7FQnTjt5UCaP6ckwiNnMqgarCFqUk4dp1H​NPOw-5mQuv5jjqaSzC0CHPmvCoLUtAKreQSTtsXdYQ4oVIpiSv23uk0s9ICA4X4k8b5PqAa6L-ZAyJfupqsE45J8GeMm6HpIAybDTOEPpwIS2VwOyJxbaGq3wIsKDEKiLBQvVH2kYf8B-Leyz1mnQ9nz_I3XeaPeietlaIfmMusZKl5Gbv_J2mZAmneeaqWRW3hI_HmycNzvWHpxtC3OnGHK67YSE​KtWGut1Yoz4c1dmDbdKfxg8PsNKeLUsYiQY6BIHokanD0U6V-0w3WYz5hb1JX-AkmNVUyp554ZgPlPql4gMZxdckX4xdqilGEdW_eY4BqqJODf8Z1AN7jbMRHeVHDi-SkdP_tqk-p9INBEWAINB_xlR7fZW-hipUy1kGVLwRP35tSNnwXKosFT-qDONC9dvZTo8ij5BogDaOkHoDjhdRdQ7Foxx73HNixUYBnPmWChhiiIb93On7UloO91snp8

Is there a way to use instance roles? Or, is there a procedure in which I can start the agents myself and get them added to the running WPT server?


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02-11-2016, 02:07 AM
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RE: Unable to start AWS EC2 test agents
You can add agents yourself by spinning up the public AMI for the agent and providing the user data string to have it connect to your server instance.

Instance roles, iam, etc have not been implemented yet (pull requests gladly accepted though).
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