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Mobile agents issues
03-01-2016, 12:16 AM
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RE: Mobile agents issues
(02-29-2016 06:22 PM)sally Wrote:  I'm trying to set up mobile agents and have following issues so far. Please help. Thanks a lot!

Basically, I followed this documentation.

1. Android phone.
Everything works fine except for the filmstrip and video. As per the documentation above, I installed ImageMagick and ffmpeg is included already on the host. I'm wondering if ffmpet is required on the server side or the agent side. I also tried using ffmpeg 1.1.3 and it doesn't work. There's no file found under /video_1/.

If you are running 2.19 or Trunk they are needed agent-side. If you are running an earlier version they can be server-side as well but agent-side scales better (and you need to pass "--processvideo yes" with the wptdriver command-line).

You can test if things are configured correctly on the agent by going into the js/lib/video directory and trying "python --check" which will check the dependencies.

Quote:2. iOS
(1) It mentions "work in progress" still in the documentation. Is it still workable? Is there any more recent documentation?

It is workable and that is the most recent documentation and matches what I did bringing them online on the public instance. iOS is extremely painful though because it requires a dedicated Mac OSX host for every single device if you want to be able to do video capture.

Quote: (2) In the 2nd step, Install OpenSSH, does it mean to create a private key under ~/.ssh/id_dsa_ios on the device and public key on the host? On the device, which path should the file be put to? I mean which user's home directory. Is it "root"? Should the user name be the same as the one on the host?

It means on the host and you need to install the public key into the authorized_keys on the device (for root). The agent is hard-coded to ssh to the iPhone using the private key in ~/.ssh/id_dsa_ios

Quote: (3) Should the host and the device be in the same network? Does the host connect to the device via network or USB?

Network doesn't matter. The host connects to the phone over USB.
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