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Looking for even more performance; realistic?
04-24-2017, 04:51 PM (This post was last modified: 04-24-2017 05:45 PM by JMTC.)
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RE: Looking for even more performance; realistic?
Thanks for your reply. I've removed the data-uris for the images, but I'm a bit on the fence how much this helped, also because the effect of cache MISS is bigger now for images. But the effect might be cumulative once I change the JS code delivery.

However, if I should summarise this topic in one question it will be: how to get the start render time before the load time?

Because while my website performance is not bad, the page starts rendering at about 1 second even when I disable all Javascript and the defer loaded CSS file:

Now if I compare that with another website in my niche, I see that while that other website has a much higher load time, it renders much quicker and therefore feels quicker too:

If I compare these two tests, the visual progress of that other webpage is much better:

(It's of course debatable how bad it is that a user has to wait 1 second before the blank page starts showing something, but I'd like to get the start render time around or before the load time.)

I'm getting a bit confused here. Smile

I learned here that the `domContentLoaded` event happens when both the DOM and CCSOM are ready. My `domContentLoaded` happens at 0.302s and `domInteractive` occurs at the same time.

The DOM and CCSOM are then combined into the render tree, whose layout is then painted on the screen.

Does that mean that my tiny inline CSS and small HTML page take almost 0.7 seconds to render (start render time - `domContentLoaded`)? That's very long, especially since this webpagetest was performed on a desktop browser (mobile would be much slower to process, I figure).
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