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Need some advice on my site.
06-10-2017, 08:24 AM
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RE: Need some advice on my site.
Several items to fix.

1) Use HTTP2 + ALPN.

Fix: Switch to hosting which implements both.

2) Something's slightly amiss with your SSL issuer chain.

Fix: Change to Letsencrypt - Free Certs that work.

Fixed when: curl -I -L works correctly with no warnings.

3) Your SSL grade is B with 100/95/90/90.

Fix: My preference A+ with 100/95/100/100.

Likely your score will raise to from B to A just by fixing your SSL issuer chain issue.

4) Enable OCSP stapling + Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Fix: Switch to hosting which implements both.

5) show primary problem is speed serving asset #1 (HTML) which depends on several factors.

a) Speed of your hosting

b) Your WordPress theme + plugins.

Debug: Install the Query Monitor plugin + enable SAVEQUERIES in your wp-config.php file + select "Queries by Component" from Query Monitor stat bar.

A well tooled site will have around 50 SELECTs only. No UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT at all.

If there are 100s of SELECTs or even a few UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT statements running, this will be your first place to look at tuning.

I'm presupposing you've done base level tuning like moving /tmp off disk into tmpfs memory + correctly setting up Opcache...

And that you're running Apache-2.4.25+ with PHP-7.1.6+ + latest MariaDB (Fast MySQL).

Fix these few items + likely you'll have a screaming fast site.

Like help speeding up your site? Skype me @ ID davidfavor for a quote. Be sure to include your site name in your Skype Add Contact request.
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