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Need some advice on my site.
06-10-2017, 11:40 AM
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RE: Need some advice on my site.
@dfavor. You've really got this thing with http2 and ssl haven't you. Please explain why these are your (4) most important points when attempting to fix an extremely long TTFB! ( and even more so in this case when most of the heavy lifting is done by Amazon Cloudfront anyway! )

Using 'Apache-2.4.25+ with PHP-7.1.6+ + latest MariaDB (Fast MySQL).' will not fix anything unless they're properly configured, and TBH with this length of TTFB, specific versions of anything will make only minimal differences, only proper server sizing and infrastructure configuration ( in fact MariaDB will only really improve things if you use the InnoDB engine - from Percona - by default, and tune it appropriately ).

If you stick to popular and well supported plugins ( ie they run with the latest versions of WP and have loads of users ) then there's not much chance it'll affect performance significantly. One notable exception to this is wordfence, which doesn't maintain it's data at all, so the only option is to tick the box to delete data on uninstall, then uninstall / install it to recover your lost performance ( unless they've fixed this in the last few months ).

Only then worry about improving performance through using latest versions ( although TBH it's usually far, far more sensible to go with the mainstream versions of the distro in use for improved support ), and ONLY THEN worry about how good your SSL configuration is.

My $0.02.
Just as an aside, a properly tuned database will handle thousands of queries / second without breaking a sweat. Concentrating on this is dropping the ball big time, and once again, the law od diminishing returns is against you.

However, none of these points are relevant if you're on shared hosting, which is what the OP is after.
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