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Slow load after settng up CloudFlare
06-25-2017, 04:52 AM
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RE: Slow load after settng up CloudFlare
(06-23-2017 12:14 AM)Altberger Wrote:  2 of the sites is set up with Cloudflare and both of them loads slower than the others without Cloudflare.

I have also run 2 tests. 1 via Cloudlare and one directly to the server/sites IP.
The result showed that Cloadflare was a bit faster... Huh

Links to results;

My experience with Cloudflare is long but generally good when setup properly. My own impatience has sometimes led me into error when initiating CF. When transferring nameservers to CF I know I'll have to wait until they resolve and CF Dashboard shows 'Active'.

'Active' can be misleading. It took an additional 12-18 hours beyond DNS resolution for CF's CDN servers to begin delivering content to WPT, and to other testing tools! So be certain that you are more patient than I am before drawing your download speed conclusions.

Time To First Byte on both tests are very long. My first action would be to find better hosting, and to make sure that 'Keep-Alive' is enabled on their server. A host that won't supply that feature at a minimum is not one you should use.

Best of luck!
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