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Slow load after settng up CloudFlare
06-26-2017, 09:10 AM
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RE: Slow load after settng up CloudFlare
Those two sites are quite different. One is 2MB, the other one is 1.7MB. One has 5 fonts, the other one just 4. One has more JS, more images etc. than the other one. That's enough to explain any performance difference between them.

The two tests you presented show almost exactly the same performance when you discard initial redirect from this test:
(substract 2230 from SpeedIndex and other appropriate values).

And now for "why" it seems slower with CF:
- this is slow
- and this is slow as hell

Why the first one is just slow and the second one is slow as hell? Because in the second one you make a request to JS that either doesn't exist and it triggers long running 404 handler or is processed by PHP and times out. Or it's infinite redirect loop to very slow resource. Or dozen other reasons. Either way JS blocks page rendering until it times out and hence the difference.

Actually I ran:
:~$ curl -H "Host:" ""

And it hasn't responded with either content nor error code for five minutes. At this point you can pretty much clear CF out and focus on why your server takes so much time to respond to this request.
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