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Slow load after settng up CloudFlare
09-20-2017, 11:14 AM
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RE: Slow load after settng up CloudFlare
(07-29-2017 07:57 AM)webprog24 Wrote:  What about international websites. Is it not better to use a service like CF to deliver some static content nearby the location of the user directly by cache?

I think this might be helpful. That's why I setup Cloudflare for my webprog24 website. The performance did not change and I asked people from all over the world (Mexico, India, USA) about the loading speed. They all say that the first time hit is better on this website. But that's it.

my website is hosted by US servers and is targeted at Middle East visitors:
____Without Cloudflare when test with webpagetest we get 2 seconds loading time from USA and 5 seconds from Middle East.
____ With cloudflare implemented we get 2 seconds loading time from the USA and 10 seconds from Middle East!!!!AngryAngry
I tried to implement Cloudflare twice and sadly I always get worse results >> maybe the quality of their servers and DNS resolution from Middle East is poor and worse than relying on website served from USA servers!!! - very strange results
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