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My test results...How do I improve?
06-10-2010, 10:49 PM
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RE: My test results...How do I improve?
Hi DJ!

The Bad news first: You probably can't reach an "A" across the board, as some of your assets are delivered by third parties, where you don't have control over the HTTP Headers.
But apart from that, there is still stuff you could do.

First and foremost: You should concatenate your CSS and JS Files. That should give you quite some benefit in the Time-To Render area. Also put as much JS in the bottom as possible. And only the necessary JS stuff in the HEAD.

Second: You should work on the HTTP Response Headers that are under your control (I assume
You should put there some Cache-Control: Public, Max-Age=(LongTimeinSecs)
Additionally you should get rid of ETAG Headers, and I would recommend to also remove Vary: User-Agent. This Header will render Proxy-Caching almost impossible.

Third: You are loading tons of images right at the start (the houses), even though only 1 is actually visible. So you do some kind of speculative pre-fetching, which slows down the initial page performance. You might check, if this strategy matches how your users interact in reality with your page.

Fourth: There are 2 images, that could by compressed with a big gain. One being your contact info png. This can be converted to a ~15 KB JPG without much of quality loss (currently it is ~100 KB). The other image is Front Property JPG.

That's about it, what I saw.

Kind regards,
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