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CDN List - Affordable and Effective CDN Websites
01-27-2012, 01:59 AM
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RE: CDN List - Affordable and Effective CDN Websites
(01-26-2012 11:33 PM)pmeenan Wrote:  Even with a Origin Pull -> Pop Push you would still be hurting unless you got a lot of visits to the same 2000 pages, right? The first person to hit a given page would still pay the CDN populating penalty so it would only benefit someone in another region that needs the same static resources.

Figuring out how to get PoP Push working would make the first visit fast for everybody.

right you are, "first visit" hit, yes... but in my case I was seeing repeat requests for same resource from New york, chicago, los angeles, melbourne, germany etc for a LARGE number of files. (each node has seperate cache)
(yes, had expires set properly,based on file type, and dns was working well)
Origin Pull -> Pop Push would have alleviated about 50% of traffic being pulled, if not more.

although you are correct, on SOME pages, there would be little benefit.
In my case, and I'm sure others, it's a matter of handling resource speeds, rather than visitor loads.

using FTp or Rsynch, I think is too cumbersome.
but with Origin Pull -> Pop Push , I could easily devote a few hours to having a "sitesucker" like software traverse my site, automatically, and preload all images to the Pop Push storage, and I'd be set for a month with all images preloaded and primed :-)
From there, the site would basically take care of itself. (well at least until all resources expire, eh? then it's preload time again)

to repeat, the problem I see is feeding multiple edge servers for similar resources, yet I prefer the Origin-Pull method.
just call me an optimistic cake-eater who wants a cake too.
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